OUR NEXT SHOW: November 12, 2016

Directed by Kevern Cameron

November 12 at 8:00 PM

The classically moving comedy of Natalya, the frustrated wife of a landowner, whose schemes for the forbidden love of her son's handsome and vibrant young tutor Aleksey come close to destroying both her long time lover Michel and the life of her vulnerable, suffering ward Vera. "This adaptation's language, tone, personalities, and even themes are clearly Friel's…sharp…funny…a unique sound and compelling depth. Turgenev's classic is energized, more entertaining, fresher." —TheaterWeek


Allie Acquafredda as Vera Aleksandrovna

Christopher Gibbs as Afanasy Ivanovich Bolshintsov

Barbara Haag as Natalya Petrovna Islayeva

Jackie Jacobi as Katya

Michael King as Herr Schaaf

Judi Laganga as Anna Semyonovna Islayeva

Robert Mackasek as Ignaty Ilyich Shpigelsky

Dale Monroe as Michel Aleksandrovich Rakitin

Scott Tyler as Arkady Sergeyevich Islayev

Alan VanAntwerp as Aleksey Nikolayevich Belyayev

Roxanna Wagner as Lizaveta Bogdanovna